First Blog Post Ever (Woohoo! :D)

Hello world! To those of you who have taken time out of your day to read this I hope you had and still will have a wonderfully delightful day 🙂 now because I’m new to this whole blogging craze, I’ll make this one short and sweet by explaining to you exactly what my purpose/goal is behind this computer screen.

I’ll start off with the name of my blog, The Band Wagoner.


If you haven’t guessed it or typed it in under Google, the phrase “jump on the bandwagon” is a very well known and used idiom for support of an object that is becoming popular. The term is mainly used to describe someone who “jumps” onto a trend that is rising to popularity, although the term isn’t exactly a compliment. Nor would I say its a insult. It’s kinda just pointing out that a person likes something that coincidentally most people are liking at that given time.

Where do I fit in with this, you may be asking? Well my ultimate dream is for this to become a go-to site where people can find the latest trends that are going on right now. So when it came time to ask friends and relatives if this would be a good idea to start blogging about, the answer is best described by the following meme…


I then had a reaction that went something like this.


If you had to ask any of my friends who keeps up with the latest trends, don’t be surprised if the sheer mention of my name would make them cry in laughter. The people who know me will tell you if there is one person who has no idea what the latest trends are its me.

So why am I entranced with creating a site to find the latest trends? because It’s something that everyone would benefit from, who wouldn’t want to know what the latest craze is by a quick search on the web?

so just to quickly summarize I’m not going to simply be another TMZ or Insider about trends going on, I really want to just blog about what I think about the trends going on right now and let you see my honest assertions of them.

but… just because there honest doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun with them 😀

so to conclude enjoy these picture’s of Patrick star at his best






Like this so much that you can’t live without knowing more about me? I would suggest seeing a therapist but if you seriously want to know more about this page and myself, please feel free to fill out the contact information below and I will happily respond back 😀