10 Things that once you try it you can’t live without.

Yeah so I tried to keep it away from obvious things like air, food, and a daily dose of Comedy Central. here’s what I came up with.

An Alcoholic Beverage

Beer, getting people drunk since... um... who cares lets drink :D

Beer, getting people drunk since… um… i think… who cares lets drink 😀

Ah, I remember my first beer. after that it went kinda dark.

Hot Showers.

sooo very true

its so true

also try to sit in one after a long day. go ahead, try it. you wont get up. I guarantee it.

Kettle corn

god, who thought butter on popcorn was better than this?

god, who thought butter on popcorn was better than this?

Once you go sweet, you’ll always repeat.


thats just friggin sweet

thats just friggin sweet

“My one and only tattoo I will ever get in my entire life” said no one with ink ever.

Arizona Arnold Palmer

god that looks tasteful

god that looks tasteful

Ice tea and lemonade just don’t taste the same anymore…

Memory Foam

finally i can see my own butt!

finally i can see my own butt!

When you sleep on this stuff its like being in Inception. yeah, its that good.

Heated seats

if only, if only...

if only, if only…

My buns have never been so happy in my entire life.

Smart Phones

how could this not be on the list?

how could this not be on the list?

Alright so this is kind of a lame one but try to use a dumb phone for a week and see how long it takes for you to miss your Pandora and pull your hair out to see a Facebook, Twitter notification. yeah, not so lame now huh.


if I could drink them both at the same time I would, really I would...

if I could drink them both at the same time I would, really I would…

I don’t know which you prefer but all I know is that if you don’t have either in the early morn your gonna have a bad time…

A Hug

yeah, you'd be a cactus, how fun is that? it's not fun, dude its not. its sad :(

yeah, you’d be a cactus, how fun is that? it’s not fun, dude its not. its sad 😦

Imagine not having a hug ever in your life. :,( chokes me up thinking about it.

Any kind of Chocolate

here’s a good example


comment below if you have anything you cant live without!


Worst Rap of all time!

It was 9:15 on a nice tranquil Monday morning, the suns rays lighting up the house, eggs and toast cooked in the kitchen and I sit down to listen to some good music on Youtube. As I’m watching and trying to keep up with Eminem’s Rap God video, I stumble upon a comment that disheartened me.Some low life wanna-be rapper blasting about how he was the real rap god and that Eminem is fake shit.

An artist's sketch of my breakfast

An artist’s sketch of my breakfast


Now normally I would consider this comment unintelligent and ignorant, disregarding it respectfully and going about my merry way. But, for some supernatural reason, if it was my morning pride for Eminem or that I had a glimmer of hope that i was in for a good laugh at this guys page, I decided to click his profile and see what this guy had to offer. To start off I would best describe him as the closest real life interpretation of Eric Cartman, wearing gold chains that were quite clearly his mothers and getting a back rub from what seemed to be his sister, or a hooker, either way it was obvious just by his name what kind of person he was. His name is 3 Pac and I’m dubbing him the worst rapper of all time.

Now whether its a joke or not its quite obvious to me that what ever voice I just heard should never be vocalized again. At one point I had a mixture of pity, laughter, pain, and finally embarrassment for listening to it. Before I go too far here is what I’m talking about.


If he meant to “Not give a hoot” about this video, I applaud him cause its hilarious, Tosh.o worthy if you ask me. but if this is supposed to be serious, then I’m sorry, I’m just sorry, sincerely honest-to-god sorry, but you should by no means rap again. period. for your sake, for your family’s sake, for your future kin’s sake do not associate yourself to that offensive garbage.

Now to be clear I’m not putting down him as a person or the video, the video was hilarious, I literally laughed out loud, but seriously, 3 Pac. That’s the best you could come up with. That’s like an answer a 7 year old could come up with. any way it made me laugh so good job man who wears toilet paper on his head and raps like DMX’s white cousin. made my morning.

To make your morning here is the song that will make up for that monstrosity above. enjoy 🙂