6 of the Greatest Celebs gone Wild

If you haven’t heard already, the Beib’s is in some big trouble with that whole egg incident with his neighbors house. Now the trouble I’m talking about isn’t just apologizing to the neighbor and paying for the damages like a bunch of reckless kids in high school. No I’m talking about felony charges, FBI involvement,  warrants to search his house and property for any criminal behavior, and a possible deportation. With more on the story we now go live with Ollie at the scene, Ollie?



Thanks Ollie, now I’ll be the first to admit that this may be a little too harsh considering it was just eggs thrown at the house, I mean dude, you can wash that shit off without a problem. But what i find more of a surprise and somewhat embarrassed over is that Justin Bieber’s idea of a good time is throwing eggs at his neighbors house.

Your a multi-millionaire, known world-wide, could literally waltz into any club without a problem, hang out with almost any celeb you could get a hold of. but the idea that itches at you the most is to throw eggs at your neighbors house.



My teachers could come up with a more interesting idea than that for fun.  I don’t think he really understands the reason why you throw eggs at someones house. you do it to someone who doesn’t live near you, let alone right next to you, its so you DON’T get caught and pay for it. I digress, JB’s recent problems have made me want to compile a list of celebs recently gone wild in this post. enjoy.

Mel Gibson’s Phone Rants 2010

God, this picture sums him up pretty well.

God, this picture sums him up pretty well.

Two and a half years ago Mel Gibson’s brain finally went AWOL as he had that epic phone rant with his now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. if you havn’t heard them here is a segment courtesy of RedAlertLiveTV


Christian Bale Terminator Salvation set rant 2009


I love Christian Bale. he’s such a great actor and is one of the few who really get into their roles now a days. this rant however makes me want to regret my previous compliment above. some speculate that he was really into the role and was just playing out his character but no one really knows for sure, it honestly just sounds like he was frustrated at how bad Terminator Salvation was turning out (to his defense that movie blew chunks). video courtesy of jenndouglas1.


Kanye West Interrupts T-Swift during VMA’s 2009

Kanye West, Taylor Swift

The guy is a walking new story, literally everything that comes out of his mouth is narcissistic garbage. But if there ever was a time that the world unanimously agreed to name him the biggest douche of all time it was during the 2009 VMA’s when a young Taylor Swift won her first VMA over Beyonce Knowles for Best Female Video. Everyone was cheering her on, including Beyonce, to see her honest joy and exuberance in winning her first VMA. And then came Kanye… watch this courtesy of EmArreiv911


Mike Tyson/Lennox Lewis Fight 2002


Mike Tyson’s speech impediment by itself is funny in itself but this was probably the most recent highlight of Mike being Mike. This rant was towards a fan haha not even towards Lennox. credit to the video horvinn1


Tom Cruise Scientology Rant/Matt Lauer Interview


Who could forget these two gems that made Tom Cruise turn from an action star to what we know know him as the crazy condescending human he is. To his defense it’s his belief and I can’t judge him for that, but if i can say anything you Tom man you got to think things through before you say them. Seriously bud, I liked ya in Top Gun and Jerry Maguire but anytime you talk about Scientology you sound like some drunk guy who says the first thing that comes to his head that sounds good. Hats off to David Volger for the video.



Charlie Sheen on drugs

By far the greatest interview of all time. You see a mans career turn from slightly-serious to a meme within 5 minutes. winning. glorious. credit goes to ABC News for video