Sunday Shootout, Miley Cyrus or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?

In this week’s edition of Sunday Shootout, we have the 2013 heavy weight champion of flat butts, Wiley Cyrus pitted up against rap icon, straight out of a Seattle Washington thrift shop, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! Both artist’s had an unbelievable year in 2013 and will now be tested in six categories to see who is the true winner of 2013!

For dramatic effect I suggest playing this song in the background as you read

Musical Success

Macklemore seen here in his iconic "Thrift Shop"

Macklemore seen here in his iconic “Thrift Shop”

Both had without question an unbelievable year of success in this category, Miley who created such hits as We Can’t Stop, Wrecking Ball, and 23 flew to the top of music stardom last year as the unchallenged queen of music. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had a similar story. Coming out of left field (did that on purpose) they flew to the top of billboards and our hearts with such hits as Thrift Shop, Can’t Hold Us, and Same Love. this was a hard category to judge because both Miley and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis started from the bottom to being pop culture icons, and their music was catchy and fun. but when it comes down to straight up musical success i gotta give this one to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, because even though he doesn’t have as many hits as Miley, he’s put out better music. tracks like My Oh My, Irish Celebration, White Walls didn’t get as much fame as they should have but still proved he and Ryan Lewis are for real.

MackLewis 1 Wiley Cyrus 0


Miley with a mean pose during the music video "Wrecking Ball"

Miley with a mean pose during the music video “Wrecking Ball”

this again was a very tough category to judge, where you could say that Miley’s popularity was undoubtedly higher than anyone else this year. On the other side of the cookie, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took the year by storm by coming out of nowhere to being pop culture icons. It’s a close one but I do believe that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have a stronger popularity/following than Miley because their popularity was won in the right way by fans, not through sheer shock value but through hard work and great music.

MackLewis 2 Wiley Cyrus 0


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Without question this category was too easy to judge as it is Miley the clear winner of this. whether you want to say Miley Cyrus is truly a crazy person in real life or that she is a marking genius and fooled us all, the facts are facts. she exploded on the scene last year through a great usage of marking through shock and awe. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis has decent marking through Thrift Shop but weren’t even in the same league as Miley in this category

MackLewis 2 Wiley Cyrus 1

Shock Value/Exposer

Miley twerking on Rob Thicke during the 2013 VMA's

Miley twerking on Rob Thicke during the 2013 VMA’s

Need I explain how Miley Cyrus blew Macklemore & Ryan Lewis out of the water in this category?

here, view this article courtesy of Buzz feed

Summary of Miley Cyrus’ “preformance” at the VMA’s

MackLewis 2 Wiley Cyrus 2

Future Fame

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Thrifting

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Thrifting

Both of these performers have dramatically improved their talents this year and its gonna be difficult at best to improve on that talent because they have done so well over the past year. Artists that have used shock value to climb to the top have had successful careers like Madonna and Lady Gaga, but in my honest opinion its those special few artists that speak from the heart in every lyric of their songs that deserve the success that has been awarded to them because they are being human beings.

MackLewis 3 Wiley Cyrus 2

which is why, with a score of 3-2, I proud to bestow this honor to my boy, from down town Seattle, Macklemore & Ryan the champions of this editions Sunday Shootout!

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