Chris Christie and Awkward Text Exchanges

If you haven’t been watching the news this week Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has been under fire with an awkward text exchange by two former employees of his administration.

click here to see the text exchange covered by the Daily Shows very own Jon Stewart (he nailed it home haha)

Being a fellow Jersey resident I find this to be a little appalling coming from our governor, who besides his mafia demeanor and his obnoxiously large presence I find him to be a good fit for our state.  But in honor of this funny and slightly awkward text exchange here’s a few text gems to smile at knowing you had no part of them 😀









okay so that last one may not be true, but it would be one heck of a twist!


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3 thoughts on “Chris Christie and Awkward Text Exchanges

  1. Ha ha ha aha haahahaahahahahahaha *gasp* haahaahahahaahahahahahahahahah *wheeze*. If he weren’t so great, I’d be sad that Daily Show is the closest thing we have left to journalism in this country.

  2. “Senior New Jersey Correspondent” hahaha. John Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) is the man. Christ, this whole Bridgegate thing is so ridiculous. Don’t know if Christie is responsible or not, but whoever did it was kind of an idiot.

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